26 septiembre, 2007

I attended to an Expo-Foto de FOTOGRAFOS EN ORIENTE

Las month in Puerto La Cruz, there was an exhibition of FOTOGRAFOS EN ORIENTE where I participate with 4 pictures...... this was to help to LA FUNDACION AMIGOS DEL NIÑO CON CANCER, every picture sold there was for them, nothing to us, this things I love to do, help people!!! and was good to do it!!!
Fotografos en Oriente

here are my 4 pictures used for this exhibition!

this picture here is my friend's and partner (in a free distribution magazine that we have NEO GUIA) baby Santiago when he was 10 months old:

This is a sunset in Puerto la Cruz en Playa Muerta, with the Petroleum Boat waitng to enter to the pier.

this is a picture from Mochima, one of the best beaches in oriente, SUCRE, Venezuela...

and this one is my cousin's daugther when she was 4 months old. Now she's 15 months!

here are some link to the news related to that event in August!
Turismo en Puerto La Cruz
En Oriente

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