26 septiembre, 2007

We Really enjoy this Pregnancy session!

~This couple had a boat, and they ask me to go to an Island to make the pitures and I say That will be great, we left around 4:30 pm and arrive around 5:00 pm to a lonely island where only the 4 of us were there, the pregnant girl, her husband, her sister in law (she wanted some fashion pictures) and Myself.
Lucky us the island had a set for us, yeah, you will see in the pictures.... and the guys were beautiful..that was a good afternoon beach-pregnancy session~
We enjoy this session so much, they were so nice, we brought some wine and beers, ok imagine that hehehe.... but at the end came up something good, we returned around 7:30 pm, because it was very dark...
take a look at some of the pics!

~Here is she with the sunset and I got a nice sillhouette~

Husband and wife kissing in the beach!!!

And the set that we found for the pictures!

and this color are so brilliant.....

And this one, I just called it Nice face expression! She looks very happy, and I like That.....

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