15 abril, 2008

Latest from Pregnant!

Estaba de vacaciones y sin hacer trabajo, pero ya estamos de regreso y empezamos de nuevo!
asi que aqui van algunas de una de la sesion de este fin de semana, cuando termine de procesar las de la otra sesion se las muestro por aqui!!!
I was on vacation and wasn't working either, but we're already back and starting to work again!
Here are some sneak peeks from this weekend session, other pics from the other session to come after I'm done with the processing!

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  1. Those are wonderful photos. I'll bet the family loves them.

    Do you mind if I link your blog to mine?

  2. Sharon do it, post me in your Blog, Thank you so much!!!
    I'll add you too..

  3. also love them there're beutiful, kid is cute over!

  4. I love your new header and logo, Jeannette. Looking good!!! :)

    I was having trouble adding you to my blog but I thing I finally worked out the bugs and got the link to your blog up.


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