28 noviembre, 2008

Carlos Eduardo is here, with us!

Our new baby is at home, finally he arrived on Tuesday Nov 25 @ 10:14 am in Maturin, Venezuela
His weight was 2.5 Kg and Size 48 Cm, little one but healthy
enjoy some first pic that I took last thursday

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  1. his hair looks oooo light! he is adorable. such cute expressions already!

  2. Hi Jeanette! It's Tiarra from phaunt. He is beautiful! Recover quick and post more pictures soon!

  3. Hey Mama! He's so beautiful!!! I know your so proud of him. I'd bet big brother is too. Miss you! Take care of yourself. Love Ya!!!

  4. He is adorable, Jeannette.

    I'll be he's keeping you busy.


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