14 abril, 2009

{de Vacaciones x 1 semana}

Una pequeña nota para decirles que estaremos offline por 1 semana, de vacaciones con los pequeños llevandolos a conocer la belleza Venezolana en la Gran Sabana.... asi que para despedirnos les dejo esta foto que capture ayer mientras arreglaba algunas cosas en la casa, por supuesto sali corriendo a buscar mi camara y capturar este momento que no podia dejar pasar :)
Just a little note to let you know that we will be on vacation for 1 week with the little ones, we're taking to meet the Venezuelan Beauty in La GRan Sabana (an awesome place in Earth located in Veneszuela)... so, just to say so long here a pic that I could not let pass yesterday afternoon while I was fixing some things at home, I enter into my room and saw this.... I ran to pick up my camera and capture thos moment :)

Su cara parece que estuviese entendiendo el juego (jajajaja)

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  1. Oh how cute! I love the brotherly love!

  2. They are Handsome!!!
    how beautiful! holiday, relaxation! ah...so lovely!!! they deserve it.
    Have lots of Fun and don't forget your camera.
    Mary ElizabethBlog.

  3. awww! So sweet!! LOVE that last one!!!

  4. Look at that sweet baby. Have fun on your trip.

  5. Oh, how cute are they. love both their expressions in that first shot. Adorable.

  6. That is too sweet. Don't you just love to watch how your kids interact with each other?

  7. Que guapos son. Me encanta la foto que muestra la lengua del bebé.

  8. That is absolutely adorable, Jeannette. He's already looking up to his big brother. Priceless!!!


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