20 agosto, 2009

{Samantha} | for her 15 years

La Recuerdan? Si no, chequeen esta direccion Samantha , yo le hize una sesion fotografica antes de sus 15 años ese fue su regalo, pero como estuve sin internet durante mas de 1 mes no habia podido publicar sus fotos, asi que se pueden dar una vueltica por aqui y dejar un poquito de amor para esta chica linda :)
Que tengan un buen dia


Remenber her? if you don't just check this link Samantha I did her session for her coming 15 years celebration and she wanted some pics before it, since I was without internet for over 1 month I did not have the chance to publish some of the pics, so take a look and leave some love

Have a great day

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  1. She's a cutie and definately looks like she has lots of style and personality! And you captured it! Good job!

  2. Great photos. Love her sneakers.
    She's very pretty.

  3. Tyjuana Hill-Smithagosto 22, 2009 6:01 p. m.

    I love the ones of her in the pink dress! Great job on these!!!

  4. Oooh love those boots!! Great job on these - you did fabulous!

  5. love the shoes!!!! She has great style!

  6. she is gorgeous and I love her fashion style! Those shoes are awesome and I think her hair rocks!

    Great shots, Jeanette!

  7. She is beautiful and I love her style!!! Great work.

  8. Beautiful! both your images and your model, love her boots :)

  9. Love these! I love the style and spunk in them!


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