09 enero, 2010

{mis chicos} | Hair cut today

Hoy le salio corte de cabello a los chicos de la casa, estabn que parecian unos loquitos, pero igual se veian hermosos, aunque creo que se me paso la mano con los 2, los dejaron muy corticos, gracias a Dios que a los niños les crece el cabello super rapido.....

Today was haircut day for the kiddos, they had it very very long, even if I like how they turned out I think the girl cut too much, but anyways, thanks God that Kids hair comes out extremely quick....

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  1. They look cute!
    You've got two handsome boys.

    Loves & Hugs

  2. ican't believe how big they are!! I hope they enjoyed the day!

  3. I absolutely love the haircuts, but I have a thing for short hair, still, your boys are so cute no matter how short their hair is,lol.

  4. They are both growing to fast, Jeannette. Can you somehow make them slow down a little?
    The haircuts are cute. Not too short, I don't think. They are both super duper cuties.

  5. Oh I think their hair looks good!!! You're right though, it will grow back super quick!

    They are getting SO big!!!

  6. I think they look cute! Looks like they stayed pretty still for it, that's always a good thing!

  7. Awwwwwwww! They are getting huge! How cute!!! Such handsome little fellas!

  8. Ahhw, the baby got a haircut too?? Very cute!


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