26 enero, 2010

{Semana 3} | Proyecto 365 Dias

Este proyecto es bien interesante, una foto diaria, todos los dias, es algo dificil de cumplir, aunque se vea muy facil, tratare de hacerlo lo mejor posile..
aqui estan algunas de mis fotos de la 3era semana de Enero, espero que esta semana pueda hacerla completa
Pueden ver la otras de las semanas anteriores en Flickr
This project is very interesting, one photo daily, every day, is somtething not that easy as you can imagine, I will try to do the best as I can
Here are a few from the 3rd week of January, hope I can make the whole week this time :)
You can also check this on Flickr

Dia 19

Dia 20

Dia 21

Dia 22

PS: Les recuerdo la promocion del dia de los Enamorados,

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  1. Love all of these shots. Nice work.

    We were looking for that Wii game but couldn't find it. It was right after Christmas, though, so I guess the stores were still out of a lot of things.

  2. umm candy LOL...love yes and totally agree with SM Bros ;)

  3. Very nice shots! I love the first one.

  4. Oh we LOVE Super Mario Bros for the Wii!! My son just defeated the last boss a week or so ago. It is so much fun! A pic a day is a fun thing to do!

  5. GORGEOUS shots! What a spectacular display of 365 images!!

  6. Love the candy shot and your son is so handsome!

  7. Thank you all for your beautiful comments :)
    Is so nice to read them

  8. WHat awesome shots!! I love each and every one of them!! :)

  9. I love the candy shot! And you know I always love seeing your boys!

  10. Tyjuana Hill-Smithenero 30, 2010 3:07 p. m.

    What a great commitment and goal you have set for yourself! Great job on these...especially the pic of your son!

  11. Candy, a cutie pie and Mario...what a terrific combination!!! A picture a day is a great idea!!!

  12. oooh love the roses and the pp on them! Nice job keepin up too.


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