29 septiembre, 2007

Going out of the web for 1 week... will be posting next week!!

All of you have a great weekend, will come back next monday October 8th for new posting.
My son and I are going for a short vacation...
hugs to all of you!

New Design for My Web Page..... Coming Soon..

I hope this time the person who's making it doesn't take to long as the first try (which was ok but does not was what I wanted) so i start again to tell him what I want, and hopefully and with no excuses will be done soon...
here's something like it will be..
What do you think? any comments?

My Faves

Well is hard to say which photos are your fave when you take hundred pictures all the time, I have to many fave, but these one are some of them!.

This is my Boy when he was 6 months Old

A friend who model for me for building my portfolio, almost 18 months ago....

My friend's daugther, another friend, not the want from the pregnancy

we went to Parque del este en caracas to take my boy to play in the grass and try to make him walk....!

26 septiembre, 2007

We Really enjoy this Pregnancy session!

~This couple had a boat, and they ask me to go to an Island to make the pitures and I say That will be great, we left around 4:30 pm and arrive around 5:00 pm to a lonely island where only the 4 of us were there, the pregnant girl, her husband, her sister in law (she wanted some fashion pictures) and Myself.
Lucky us the island had a set for us, yeah, you will see in the pictures.... and the guys were beautiful..that was a good afternoon beach-pregnancy session~
We enjoy this session so much, they were so nice, we brought some wine and beers, ok imagine that hehehe.... but at the end came up something good, we returned around 7:30 pm, because it was very dark...
take a look at some of the pics!

~Here is she with the sunset and I got a nice sillhouette~

Husband and wife kissing in the beach!!!

And the set that we found for the pictures!

and this color are so brilliant.....

And this one, I just called it Nice face expression! She looks very happy, and I like That.....

I love the pictures in the beach!

What do you think about this pictures, arer they good?
Huh??? Oh yes, I think they are....

I shoot with natural light and all around, I used to live in a beach town but now the city where we moved has not the beach, so I have to found nice places where to start with my pictures again.....

This is with her husband, nice couple!

She was relaxing a little bit~

~~Sweetie Babies~~

This is really what I enjoy doing, taking pictures of babies!
take a look of this, isn't she sweet? she fall asleep during the session, she was tired!

Her big sister!

Both of them sleeping, well the little one was sleep and the big girl wanted to looks like she was sleeping too!

I attended to an Expo-Foto de FOTOGRAFOS EN ORIENTE

Las month in Puerto La Cruz, there was an exhibition of FOTOGRAFOS EN ORIENTE where I participate with 4 pictures...... this was to help to LA FUNDACION AMIGOS DEL NIÑO CON CANCER, every picture sold there was for them, nothing to us, this things I love to do, help people!!! and was good to do it!!!
Fotografos en Oriente

here are my 4 pictures used for this exhibition!

this picture here is my friend's and partner (in a free distribution magazine that we have NEO GUIA) baby Santiago when he was 10 months old:

This is a sunset in Puerto la Cruz en Playa Muerta, with the Petroleum Boat waitng to enter to the pier.

this is a picture from Mochima, one of the best beaches in oriente, SUCRE, Venezuela...

and this one is my cousin's daugther when she was 4 months old. Now she's 15 months!

here are some link to the news related to that event in August!
Turismo en Puerto La Cruz
En Oriente

25 septiembre, 2007

My baby in our backyard....

We just moved from Puerto La Cruz to Maturin, now I have to start over my photography bussiness again in this city...
One thing that I really love about the moving is that the baby tells me every day that HE LIKES THE NEW HOUSE!!
and that makes me feel HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY....
Because in Puerto La Cruz we used to live in an apartment, and here in Maturin we're living in a big House with backyard and garden!!! so he's enjoying it a Lot!!

3 weeks after she was born!!!!

Lovely baby....

More Pregnant women.... Old Session

This pictures belong to some old session, but as I am starting this BLOG i'm going to place the pictures that I really like it here, and the ones that I don't like it to much too!!!

This couple is really beaitul, i took the pictures of their baby when she was born... check next post to see her pictures...

PREGNANCY...... something really beautiful

This is part of my work,
I hope you like it..
Feel free to leave a comment, that will help me a lot to improve my work..

This picture was taken in Puerto la Cruz, with the beautiful sunset behind the girl!